Question : What is Soul?
Answer : Wondrous and beautiful is the description of the beauty of the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Lord God. || 1 || Pause || He is not old; He is not young. He is not in pain; He is not caught in Death's noose. He does not die; He does not go away. In the beginning, and throughout the ages, He is permeating everywhere. || 1 || He is not hot; He is not cold. He has no enemy; He has no friend. He is not happy; He is not sad. Everything belongs to Him; He can do anything. || 2 || He has no father; He has no mother. He is beyond the beyond, and has always been so. He is not affected by virtue or vice. Deep within each and every heart, He is always awake and aware. || 3 || From the three qualities, the one mechanism of Maya was produced. The great Maya is only His shadow. He is un deceivable, impenetrable, unfathomable and merciful. He is merciful to the meek, forever compassionate. His state and limits cannot ever be known. Nanak is a sacrifice, a sacrifice to Him. || [ SGGS Page 868 ]
The soul is divine; divine is the soul. [SGGS Page 1325 ]


Question : What is Mind?
Answer : The mind is Maya, the mind is a chaser; the mind is a bird flying across the sky. The thieves are overpowered by the Shabad, and then the body-village prospers and celebrates. Lord, when You save someone, he is saved; his capital is safe and sound. || 1 || Such is my Treasure, the Jewel of the Naam; please bless me with the Guru's Teachings, so that I may fall at Your Feet. || 1 || Pause || The mind is a Yogi, the mind is a pleasure-seeker; the mind is foolish and ignorant. The mind is the giver, the mind is the beggar; the mind is the Great Guru, the Creator. The five thieves are conquered, and peace is attained; such is the contemplative wisdom of God. || 2 || The One Lord is said to be in each and every heart, but no one can see Him. The false are cast upside-down into the womb of reincarnation; without the Name, they lose their honour. Those whom You unite, remain united, if it is Your Will. || 3 || God does not ask about social class or birth; you must find your true home. That is your social class and that is your status - the karma of what you have done. [ SGGS Page 1330 ]


Question : Body?
Answer : The union of air, water and fire - the body is the play-thing of the fickle and unsteady intellect. It has nine doors, and then there is the Tenth Gate. Reflect upon this and understand it, O wise one. || 1 || The Lord is the One who speaks, teaches and listens. One who contemplates his own self is truly wise. || 1 || Pause || The body is dust; the wind speaks through it. Understand, O wise one, who has died. Awareness, conflict and ego have died, but the One who sees does not die. || 2 || For the sake of it, you journey to sacred shrines and holy rivers; but this priceless jewel is within your own heart. The Pandits, the religious scholars, read and read endlessly; they stir up
arguments and controversies, but they do not know the secret deep within. || 3 || I have not died - that evil nature within me has died. The One who is pervading everywhere does not die. Says Nanak, the Guru has revealed God to me, and now I see that there is no such thing as birth or death. [ SGGS Page 152 ]
O my body, the Lord infused His Light into you, and then you came into the world. The Lord infused His Light into you, and then you came into the world. The Lord Himself is your mother, and He Himself is your father; He created the created beings, and revealed the world to them. By Guru's Grace, some understand, and then it's a show; it seems like just a show. Says Nanak, He laid the foundation of the Universe, and infused His Light, and then you came into the world. [ SGGS Page 921 ]


Question: What was before this universe?
Answer : He created Himself - at that time, there was no other. He consulted Himself for advice, and what He did came to pass. At that time, there were no Akaashic Ethers, no nether regions, nor the three worlds. At that time, only the Formless Lord Himself existed - there was no creation. As it pleased Him, so did He act; without Him, there was no other. [SGGS Page 509 ]
We can only express a sense of wonder about the beginning. The absolute abided endlessly deep within Himself then. [ SGGS Page 940]
For endless aeons, there was only utter darkness. There was no earth or sky; there was only the infinite Command of His Hukam. There was no day or night, no moon or sun; God sat in primal, profound Samaadhi. || 1 || There were no sources of creation or powers of speech, no air or water. There was no creation or destruction, no coming or going. There were no continents, nether regions, seven seas, rivers or flowing water. || 2 || There were no heavenly realms, earth or nether regions of the underworld. There was no heaven or hell, no death or time. [ SGGS Page 1035 ]


Question : How this universe was created ?
Answer : He created the creation, and watches over it; the Hukam of His Command is over all. He formed the planets, solar systems and nether regions, and brought what was hidden to manifestation. No one knows His limits. [SGGS Page 1036 ]
From the True Lord came the air, and from the air came water. From water, He created the three worlds; in each and every heart He has infused His Light. [ SGGS Page 19 ]


Question : What is Waheguru ( God )?
Answer : God is only one. His name is true. He is the creator. He is without fear. He is inimical to none. He never dies. He is beyond birth and death. He is self illuminated. He is realised by the kindness of the true Guru. [ SGGS Page 1 ]
The Lord is said to be the Greatest of the Great; His Kingdom is the Highest of the High. He has no colour or mark; His Value cannot be estimated. Please show Mercy to Nanak, God, and bless him with Your True Name. [ SGGS Page 44 ]
Wherever I look, there I see God's Presence. [ SGGS Page 84 ]
He is unknowable, infinite, unapproachable and imperceptible. He is not subject to death or karma. His caste is casteless; He is unborn, self-illumined, and free of doubt and desire. || 1 || I am a sacrifice to the Truest of the True. He has no form, no color and no features; through the True Word of the Shabad, He reveals Himself. || Pause || He has no mother, father, sons or relatives; He is free of sexual desire; He has no wife. He has no ancestry; He is immaculate. He is infinite and endless; O Lord, Your Light is pervading all. || 2 || Deep within each and every heart, God is hidden; His Light is in each and every heart. The heavy doors are opened by Guru's Instructions; one becomes fearless, in the trance of deep meditation. || 3 || The Lord created all beings, and placed death over the heads of all; all the world is under His Power. [SGGS Page 597 ]
You have no form or shape, no social class or race. These humans believe that You are far away; but You are quite obviously apparent. You enjoy Yourself in every heart, and no filth sticks to You. You are the blissful and infinite Primal Lord God; Your Light is all-pervading. Among all divine beings, You are the most divine, O Creator-architect, Rejuvenator of all. How can my single tongue worship and adore You? You are the eternal, imperishable, infinite Lord God. [ SGGS Page 1096 ]


Question : What is Religion?
Answer : Of all religions, the best religion is to chant the Name of the Lord and maintain pure conduct. Of all religious rituals, the most sublime ritual is to erase the filth of the dirty mind in the Company of the Holy. Of all efforts, the best effort is to chant the Name of the Lord in the heart,
forever. Of all speech, the most ambrosial speech is to hear the Lord's Praise and chant it with the tongue. Of all places, the most sublime place, O Nanak, is that heart in which the Name of the Lord abides. [ SGGS Page 266 ]


Question : What is a Miracle?
Answer : If I were to become a Siddha, and work miracles, summon wealth and become invisible and visible at will, so that people would hold me in awe - seeing these, I might go astray and forget You, and Your Name would not enter into my mind. || 3 || If I were to become an emperor and raise a huge army, and sit on a throne, issuing commands and collecting taxes - O Nanak, all of this could pass away like a puff of wind. Seeing these, I might go astray and forget You, and Your Name would not enter into my mind. || 4 || 1 || SIREE RAAG, FIRST MEHL: If I could live for millions and millions of years, and if the air was my food and drink, and if I lived in a cave and never saw either the sun or the moon, and if I never slept, even in dreams - even so, I could not estimate Your Value. How can I describe the Greatness of Your Name? [ SGGS Page 14]
If I dressed myself in fire, and built my house of snow, and made iron my food; and if I were to drink in all pain like water, and drive the entire earth before me; and if I were to place the earth upon a scale and balance it with a single copper coin; and if I were to become so great that I could not be contained, and if I were to control and lead all; and if I were to possess so much power within my mind that I could cause others to do my bidding - so what? As Great as our Lord and Master is, so great are His gifts. He bestows them according to His Will. O Nanak, those upon whom the Lord casts His Glance of Grace, obtain the glorious greatness of the True Name. [ SGGS Page 147 ]
O Nanak, that is the most wonderful gift (miracle), which is received from the Lord, when He is totally pleased. [ SGGS Page 474 ]
All the Siddhas, spiritual masters and seekers search for the Name; they have grown weary of concentrating and focusing their attention. Without the True Guru, no one finds the Name; the Gurmukhs unite in Union with the Lord. Without the Name, all food and clothes are worthless; cursed is such spirituality, and cursed are such miraculous powers. That alone is spirituality, and that alone is miraculous power, which the Carefree Lord spontaneously bestows. O Nanak, the Lord's Name abides in the mind of the Gurmukh; this is spirituality, and this is miraculous power. [ SGGS Page 650 ]


Question: Who are saints?
Answer: Those who do not forget the Lord, with each breath and morsel of food, whose minds are filled with the Mantra of the Lord's Name - they alone are blessed; O Nanak, they are the perfect Saints. [ SGGS Page319 ]
Twenty-four hours a day, he knows the Lord to be near at hand; he surrenders to the Sweet Will of God. The One Name is the Support of the Saints; they remain the dust of the feet of all. || 1 || Listen, to the way of life of the Saints, O my Siblings of Destiny; their praises cannot be described. || 1 || Pause || Their occupation is the Naam, the Name of the Lord. The Kirtan, the Praise of the Lord, the
embodiment of bliss, is their rest. Friends and enemies are one and the same to them. They know of no other than God. || 2 || They erase millions upon millions of sins. They dispel suffering; they are givers of the life of the soul. They are so brave; they are men of their word. The Saints have enticed Maya herself. || 3 || Their company is cherished even by the gods and the angels. Blessed is their Darshan, and fruitful is their service. With his palms pressed together, Nanak offers his prayer: O Lord, Treasure of Excellence, please bless me with the service of the Saints. [ SGGS Page 392 ]
The Saints are tolerant and good-natured; friends and enemies are the same to them. O Nanak, it is all the same to them, whether someone offers them all sorts of foods, or slanders them, or draws weapons to kill them. || 27 || They pay no attention to dishonour or disrespect. They are not bothered by gossip; the miseries of the world do not touch them. [SGGS Page 1356 ]


Question : What is pilgrimage ?
Answer : In spite of the many places of pilgrimage for people to bathe in, their minds are still stained by their stubborn ego; the Lord Master is not pleased by this at all. When will I find the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy? There, I shall be always in the ecstasy of the Lord, Har, Har, and my mind shall take its cleansing bath in the healing ointment of spiritual wisdom. [ SGGS Page 687 ]
Bathing at sacred shrines of pilgrimage, filth is not washed off. Religious rituals are all just egotistical displays. By pleasing and appeasing people, no one is saved. Without the Naam, they shall depart weeping. || 2 || Without the Lord's Name, the screen is not torn away. I have studied all the Shaastras and Simritees. He alone chants the Naam, whom the Lord Himself inspires to chant. He obtains all fruits and rewards, and merges in peace. || 3 || O Savior Lord, please save me! All peace and comforts are in Your Hand, God. Whatever you attach me to, to that I am attached, O my Lord and Master. O Nanak, the Lord is the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts. [ SGGS Page 890 ]
Repeating the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the mortal is exalted and glorified. Repeating the Naam, sin is banished from the body. Repeating the Naam, all festivals are celebrated. Repeating the Naam, one is cleansed at the sixty-eight sacred shrines. My sacred shrine of pilgrimage is the Name of the Lord. The Guru has instructed me in the true essence of spiritual wisdom. [ SGGS Page 1142 ]


Question : What are 5 thieves or immoral deed ?
Answer : Within this body dwell the five thieves: sexual desire, anger, greed, emotional attachment and egotism. They plunder the Nectar, but the self-willed manmukh does not realise it; no one hears his complaint. The world is blind, and its dealings are blind as well; without the Guru, there is only pitch darkness. [ SGGS Page 600 ]
There are five of them, but I am all alone. How can I protect my hearth and home, O my mind? They are beating and plundering me over and over again; unto whom can I complain? [ SGGS Page 155 ]
The four castes and social classes, and the preachers with the six Shaastras on their finger-tips, the beautiful, the refined, the shapely and the wise - the five passions have enticed and beguiled them all. || 1 || Who has seized and conquered the five powerful fighters? Is there anyone strong enough? He alone, who conquers and defeats the five demons, is perfect in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga. || Pause || They are so awesome and great; they cannot be controlled, and they do not run away. Their army is mighty and unyielding. Says Nanak, that humble being who is under the protection of the Saadh Sangat, crushes those terrible demons. [ SGGS Page 404 ]
The deer, the fish, the bumble bee, the moth and the elephant are destroyed, each for a single defect. So the one who is filled with the five incurable vices - what hope is there for him? [ SGGS Page 486 ]


Question : What is about household and housewife ( Marriage, family life ) ?
Answer : People wear all sorts of costumes and wander all around, but in their hearts and minds, they practice deception. They do not attain the Mansion of the Lord's Presence, and after death, they sink into manure. || 1 || O mind, remain detached in the midst of your household. Practicing truth, self-discipline and good deeds, the Gurmukh is enlightened. || 1 || Pause || Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, the mind is conquered, and one attains the State of Liberation in one's own home. So meditate on the Name of the Lord; join and merge with the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation. [ SGGS Page 26 ]
Why do the Yogis, the revellers, and the beggars wander in foreign lands? They do not understand the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and the essence of excellence within them. || 3 || The Pandits, the religious scholars, the teachers and astrologers, and those who endlessly read the Puraanas, do not know what is within; God is hidden deep within them. || 4 || Some penitents perform penance in the forests, and some dwell forever at sacred shrines. The unenlightened people do not understand themselves - why have they become denunciates? || 5 || Some control their sexual energy, and are known as celibates. But without the Guru's Word, they are not saved, and they wander in reincarnation. || 6 || Some are householders, servants, and seekers, attached to the Guru's Teachings. They hold fast to the Naam, to charity, to cleansing and purification; they remain awake in devotion to the Lord. [ SGGS Page 419 ]
O Nanak, meeting the True Guru, one comes to know the Perfect Way. While laughing, playing, dressing and eating, he is liberated. [ SGGS Page 522 ]
A good wife to care for my home - Your humble servant Dhanna begs for these things, Lord. [ SGGS Page 695 ]


Question : Are the women inferior or bad?
Answer : From woman, man is born; within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and married. Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come. When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound. So why call her bad? From her, kings are born. From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all. O Nanak, only the True Lord is without a woman. [SGGS Page 473 ]


Question : What is about adultery ?
Answer : Like the companionship of a poisonous snake, so is the desire for another's spouse. [SGGS Page 403 ]
Those men who go out to enjoy other men's women shall suffer in shame. Those who steal the wealth of others - how can their guilt be concealed? Those who chant the Sacred
Praises of the Lord save and redeem all their generations. O Lord! Those who listen and
contemplate the Supreme Lord God become pure and holy. [ SGGS Page 1362 ]