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Understand Your Parents
When they say: 			They actually mean:
         Pasadi			Prashad
         Sufuria			Saucepan
         Sano			Snow
         Tikert			Ticket
         Egg-joss			Exhaust
         Fota			Photos
         Lipti			Lipstick
         Phast			Fast
         Pholowur			Flower
         Gilas			Glass
         Palty			Party
         Gorment			Goverment
         Peeja			Pizza
         Peejot			Peugeot
         Fhanta			Fanta
         Punch			Sponge
         Booth			Car Boot
         Kittli			Kettle
         Boota			Boots(shoes)
         Winda			Windows
         Winbly			Wembley
         Die Vos			Divorce
         New Brand		Brand New
         Jung			Young
         Caffol			Scaffold
         Istill			Steel
         Bowel			Bowl
         Indian Electrician		Ashok
         Jee TV			Zee TV
         Isschool			School
         Juniversity		University
         Istawbury			Strawberry
         Isscooter			Scooter
         Isgrew Driver		Screwdriver
         Kale			Tomorrow and Yesterday
         Beetish			British
         Bilu			Blue
         Phen			Fan
         Amrica			America
         Viza			Visa
         Philam			Film
         Borras			Brush
         Gero			Zero
         Apormant			Appointment
         Hispotal			Hospital
         Revind			Reverse
         Music Down Cur		Turn Down the Music
         Bullworth			Woolworths
         Bideo			Video
         Canida			Canada